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The Pleasure of Beauty

This work continues my exploration of my relatively traditional New Zealand spiritual upbringing. One that was, like many, more of religious convention than conviction. The idea, more than the presence, of God played a part in my family life, and therefore, my upbringing.

The images take their inspiration from a variety of sources and influences. Primarily though are the bible class stories that were taught each Sunday, and how I (miss)remember them.

The pictures that accompanied these classes were, as I remember them, bright and colourful. And beautiful. They were my first introduction to art in a historical and spiritual sense. While I cannot remember all the pictures we were shown I have a strong memory of Salvador Dali and renaissance art juxtaposed with cartoons and what I assume now were lithographs. A question I ask myself now is is this what I saw, or am I framing my memories after subsequent experience and exposure to art and art history?

I cannot answer that question in any honesty, and, to me, it does not matter. It has simply become part of the memories that make me what I am. And I am, in my work, attracted to patterns and relationships, and to the pursuit of the beautiful in the mundane. And beauty is something we are reminded of incessantly in the world that we encounter every day. It is ingrained in us like dirt under the fingernails. These works I present represent a dichotomy, some have clarity, others, memories that are real, but may be wrong. <br><br>