David has given workshops and mentored photographers and photographic artists and been a judge for an international competition. David believes that teaching/mentoring helps both parties move forward in their endeavors. In his case it has lead him to develop entirely new bodies of work.

He is currently working with several people on various approaches to their photographic path. Feel free to contact me via the contact page if you would like to know more about my approach.


David has given over the years a variety of talks and lectures on subjects related to art, narrative and the history of photography. These include talks to students at graduate and post graduate level.

Recently David did a series of wide ranging talks on the History of Photography for a Hong Kong Gallery, Blue Lotus. These talks ranged from the prehistory of photography tp the development of various schools and genre's of photography such street, fashion, reportage and fine art among others. Owing to COVID 19 what started as a face to face session evolved into Zoom talks. An interesting experience.


David has written art criticism, the occasional book or exhibition forward and, sometimes, poetry.