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The Nightwalks

As part of my way of dealing with the issues around the struggles in Hong Kong that made up a large part of 2019 and are still ongoing, I unintentionally started an image-based project that I call The Nightwalks. My partner was spending a lot of time traveling for her job, and as such, I spent many evenings by myself. This, in my case, and with all that has been happening, is not good for mental health. Mental health being an issue I have an abiding interest in.

So I started walking with my camera as both a form of mental and physical exercise. A way to cope with, as I have written before, “feelings of helplessness, loss, and despair”.

The process is something I struggle to write about, but it has made me start taking photographs again after a period of not feeling inspired to pick up a camera. Of such things I am grateful. The walking and photographing became a welcome distraction from the events around me.