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Mixed Messages

The language of language, if you can excuse the tortuous expression, attracts my attention. Language can be described as “beautiful, ugly, angry, aggressive, muscular, soft, pretty”, the same words that are used to described objects, art works and people.

The idea from these works came from several threads, and one of these is the beauty of Chinese calligraphy. There is an emphasis on aesthetic harmony in calligraphy, both in the written words and in the “presentation”, as there is in western illuminated manuscripts. For a while now I have been producing the occasional work based around random groupings of a series of related abstract images. I had begun a series of these taken from images of markings on sports fields in Hong Kong. While showing some of these images to a Hong Kong curator she remarked on how one set imitated Chinese characters.

This comment was a catalyst to explore the idea further and combine the beauty of something that exists in day to day life into a larger body of work. What evolved is what you see here. I have distilled the message down to an abstraction, colour, shape and rhythm.