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...a poorly remembered childhood

The photograph has long been associated with memory. Memory shapes identity and identity shapes memory, as does place.

I was born, and grew up, in Christchurch, but now live, predominantly, in China. Each time I return to Christchurch I seek out the places that I remember from my childhood. Particularly the places that hold significant memories, or are places where something important in my childhood occurred. I "remember" all these places that I have photographed, some clearly, others as feelings or associations; picnics, walks, laughing, crying, lost, happy, sad.

As a history student at university I learnt that no one history is necessarily true (or, conversely, wrong). It is all in how we filter, interpret and edit the evidence. So, my memory, like history, is soft and pliable, delicate. We forget, remember and create our memories. And they are all different.

The places I remember can range from something as simple as a sports field or a park, to school buildings, churches and monuments. As time passes the places change and my memory of them, or the events surrounding them, become less and less reliable. While I have been working on this series I sometimes feel that I can remember things no one else can, and have forgotten things everyone else remembers. But my sense of be-longing remains as does my growing awareness of the cultural impositions on my memories.

There may be a time when there will be nothing left to say, or my memory will fade. Till then I will continue to try and remember, re-visit and document, my childhood memories. Or my memories of them.

All images are 6 x 4.5 cm C type hand printed contact prints.